Our Mission is to Educate & Engage on Climate Change

Our planet needs each one of us right now.

Understand what you can do, and how you can engage with us to spread the understanding on climate change and make a difference.



Educating & Engaging our communities is an essential tool to understand our affect on the planet.

Carbon Initiative Forum has created this platform to address the issues, possibilities, actions & the solution. The primary motive of this platform is to engage with its users to create an understanding of our affect on the planet and work towards a sustainable future.

Using our platform, we would showcase and engage with communities, schools, universities & think tanks to explain how we impact the planet & what we could do to reduce this impact.

Engagement Platforms

  • Videos & Series
  • Blogs & Articles
  • Volunteering
  • Action+You
The time for ACTION is NOW!

What we do

Tackling climate change needs concrete action from all levels of society, from individuals and educators to policymakers and businesses. We encourage and are building awareness, capacity building and innovative climate change learning’s to helps communities and individuals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and effectively adapt to the changing climate.


Timeline of Human Impact & Action on
Climate Change