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Our Mission is to Educate & Engage on Climate Policy

Our planet needs each one of us right now. We need you to inspire change to control climate change.

On this platform, understand what the policy makers are doing to limit global warming, engage with us and enhance awareness on it.

We enable the youth to become better future climate decision makers by educating them on climate change and climate policy.

We see a void in the public space on policy discussions about the climate. There hasn’t been enough awareness and conversation therefore, expectation from the public towards policy makers and corporations is lacking. We want to create a space, through CIF, for dialogue, discussion and chiefly an impetus from youth and other individuals to drive actions at various governance levels.

Climate Library

Learn up on all thing’s climate change – topics and issues that matter.

The youth, whose future is impaired by climate change need to know the workings of policy and have a voice on it. Demand Action and also know what to demand for! 

Climate Club

Join the Climate Club to meet like-minded people, plan and engage to spread knowledge about climate policy.



Drive activities in your city to educate people about climate change and policies that impact them directly or indirectly and disseminate information that leads to an informed discussion.

Your Carbon footprint?

Let’s understand our individual footprints. Will help with deciphering emissions, intensity and sources at a larger level.


Our detailed calculator considers resource use not only in different areas like Personal, Business, Events etc. but also categories such as energy and waste among others.

The time for ACTION is NOW!

What we do

Educating and engaging our communities is an essential tool to understanding our effect on the planet.


Carbon Initiative Forum has created this platform to address the issues surrounding climate education and policy. The primary motive of this platform is to engage with its users to create an understanding on climate policy and the need for policy level intervention in climate education apart from awareness on the phenomenon of climate change itself.


Through this platform, we showcase and engage with communities, schools, universities and think tanks to start a discussion around climate which is informed, issue based and leads to tangible asks of our policy makers. The end goal is to have climate policy in regular curriculums across all levels of education in the country.

Tackling climate change needs concrete action from all levels of society, from policymakers, government and businesses to educators and individuals. We are building awareness, capacity, and most crucially, mobilising youth, individuals, and community as it is imperative that sufficient stakeholders are aware of not just the issue, but the surrounding policies as well.

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