What is Carbon Footprint?

Carbon Footprint measures your impact on the planet. This is usually done through an amalgamation of your activities in terms of carbon dioxide emitted, measured in tonnes.

What should I calculate first?

Our Carbon Calculator is divided into four sections – Personal, Business, Event and Flights. As the names suggest, personal refers to your consumption either as an individual, family or group (such as roommates); Business refers to emissions from your usual business activity. (For a more detailed calculation and mitigation, please contact our sister firm on contact@vnvadvisory.com); Event lets you calculate the total emission from any event you are conducting or participating in, such as weddings, corporate get-togethers, birthdays, etc and Flights lets you calculate emissions from aviation travel. This is listed as a separate category due to the amount of emissions generated from said activity. Our Calculator is designed as a free tool, so don’t fret over which to choose. You can keep coming back to the main page to establish your overall or specific emissions from your myriad of activities.

How do I calculate the emissions?

To calculate your emissions, click on the icon most applicable to your requirement. Would you like to understand emissions from a personal, business, event or travel perspective? Click on the icon of your choice. This will guide to further classify your needs. Once you do the same, you will be directed to our calculator. The calculator is self-explanatory. If you are unable to proceed, click on the “i” beside each section. The fields marked in asterisks must be compulsorily filled.

Do I need to keep any information ready before I proceed?

The calculator can estimate your emissions most accurately when such information is given. If available, please use your electricity, fuel bills or calculate the amount of wet/dry waste you through out in a day.

What are carbon offsets?

You may tried all our reduction ideas, and still find some activities spike your carbon footprint due to its unavoidable nature. Till the time you find a way around such carbon consuming activity, you could neutralize or offset your impact by purchasing emission reductions from a range of projects. Our projects, located in the South Asian region, meet the community needs, sustainable development goals and emission reduction.

What is Carbon/Climate Neutrality?

Neutrality is the process of offsetting all unavoidable emissions that are caused/emitted/produced by an entity (could be an individual, an event, an organization, a city or country) in one location- by funding/purchasing the equivalent volume of avoided or sequestered emissions at another location. In this way, the overall individual emissions at a global level can be neutralized.

What is Climate+ / Climate Positive?

Climate Positive is when you offset beyond your actual impact. By doing so, you are actually helping offset either your future emissions or contributing to offsetting another’s.