Did you know you can save money while saving the environment? 5 tips for students on a budget

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

Written by Ayushi Bhatt | Header Photo credit: Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Sustainable is the new sexy. And who better understands ‘sexy’ than students in their twenties. But students are also the ones who often need to stick to a budget. If you struggle to just survive by the end of the month, I feel you!

Following are some ideas that will not only keep you on track to a sustainable lifestyle but also help you forget it’s the end of the month. It might even save you some extra bucks for that long-planned trip with friends or a sweet present for your mom. Thrifting

The fashion industry is responsible for 10% of all human-caused carbon emissions. Producing one cotton shirt requires 2700 litres of water. That is water a person can drink for around 2.5 years. Fast fashion brands like Zara and H&M produce numerous collections per year and people end up buying them to keep up with the latest trends. Opting for second-hand clothing at thrift shops can save you big bucks without having to compromise on style with the unique vintage finds. Eating less meat Livestock accounts for the majority of emissions due to food production. Some scientists believe it to be the biggest contribution you can make to reduce your carbon footprint. Forests that sequester carbon are cut down for pasturelands. Cows, goats and sheep emit methane that is a more potent greenhouse gas than CO2. Shifting to a plant-based diet that is sourced locally will be light to your wallet and the planet. Even replacing beef with chicken can cut down your carbon footprint by about half. Menstrual Cups

It is high time to switch to menstrual cups. Pads and tampons should be things of the past. They contain a significant amount of plastic and polymers and let’s not forget the packaging for privacy. A single menstruator can use 5 to 15 thousand of them, that adds to the plastic waste on the planet. A menstrual cup can cost anything starting from ₹200 and can last up to 10 years. Sustainable travel Ask me to choose between a hot dude on a cycle and one in a sleek car, I choose to cycle. Walking and cycling to possible places will save you the gas money or the rickshaw/cab money, all while making your legs stronger and sexier. A domestic flight emits 133g CO2 per passenger per km in comparison to 41g emitted by train. While going back home or for any trips, choose the train or bus instead of flying. Going Digital and burrowing Global Forest Resource Assessment of 2015 showed that around 80,000 to 160,000 trees are cut down every day and the major chunk of it is utilised for making paper. Taking down your notes electronically, using e-books and burrowing from the library and friends will save you the money required for bundles of reading material and notebooks while contributing to saving trees. You can also measure your carbon footprint using this calculator by Carbon Initiative Forum.

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