Be the change, to see change
Raise your voice – not the sea level

Join the climate-policy awareness and dialogue movement. Volunteer like a Planeteer!

How you can engage

Share your creations with us representing your ideas on climate policy  and positive actions towards more informed dialogue and awareness. Send us your blog posts, quirky graphical tales, photography, video &/or animation content, or present to us any other way we can make people aware of the climate crisis and the related policies.

1. By Volunteering – You can make a difference by contributing individually in a myriad ways. Connect with us to discuss how you think you’d like to mobilise the movement within your institution or organisation.

Corporate /Employee Volunteering Program

Involve your company and your colleagues – become a company ambassador to lead climate policy awareness amongst your colleagues. Help them further create awareness among those they can. Mobilise people’s support for climate policy – contribute to making the climate future stable. Become a #ClimateChampion

Email: contact@carboninitiativeforum.org

Student Volunteering Program

Become a student ambassador to create awareness and mobilise others to do the same. Involve your college too in the movement. Support climate policy and compulsory climate education– help make the climate future stable.
Become the climate reality leader.

Email: contact@carboninitiativeforum.org

2. Through Blog Posts & Articles / Graphical Tales - If you have a flair for the written word, share your thoughts and ideas on ways we can understand climate policy . The “word” is after all mightier than the sword!

3. Through Videos & Series – Any creative media that shows or educates on climate change and how we can combat it especially through education and policy. These can be paintings/sketches, videos, or any other visual art.

4. By joining CIF Climate Club – Mobilise activities with others in your city through the CIF Climate Club’s City-wise chapters. The objective is to create city level chapters in a structured organization which works at city level issues. Become a #ClimateChampion and influence as many people as you can. Inspire them take up activities that help them get climate educated, make others aware and tackle global warming through policy.


Why join the movement?

Carbon Initiative Forum and the Climate Club give you an opportunity to be involved in a global cause. You are wanted to help create awareness about the issue of climate education, related policies, climate change itself and everything effected by it. Help the climate and tackle global warming by empowering others through awareness.

Support and drive policy for climate action as well as compulsory climate education in schools and colleges. Let’s create informed decision makers of the future.

The reward?

  • You would get the greater and invaluable satisfaction of doing your best to solve a worldwide problem threatening lives and livelihoods of everyone especially of the vulnerable.

  • For individual or employee volunteering programs write to us at contact@carboninitiativeforum.org.

#BeTheChangeToSeeChange #Engage4Climate #BuildBackBetter

How to get involved?

Do you recognise the seriousness of climate change and want to take action?

Join the CIF #ClimateClub and volunteer for climate awareness and policy advocacy . Mobilise people to learn, take action and support this drive for climate policy in India.

At Carbon Initiative Forum, we are involved with climate change through:


We facilitate awareness and discussions on climate change through people mobilisation and vocalisation. Through this movement, we’re striving to make climate education compulsory in the Indian education system. Show your support and sign our petition on www.change.org


This is a comprehensive platform to ask the right questions to the right people and gain clarity. It serves to inform and encourage dialogue for understanding and influencing policy. Get clued in and learn through various in-person and digital events.

CIf climate club - volunteer.jpg

There is a dire need for collective knowledge-sharing, discussion, and action especially by the youth. The youth, whose future is impaired by climate change, but are also the only ones who can do something about it, need to know what climate policy all about and how they can influence it. Join the City Wise Chapters and step up your role as an active planeteer!